Microsoft and its products

Microsoft is an American technology company which develops, sells computer software, computer electronics, personal computers, and related services. It also provides video games, cloud computing, internet services, social networking services etc. Microsoft provides a mobile app for the windows phones, IOS, and Android phones but before access the Microsoft mobile, you have to connect your device with your phones. The most popular products of Microsoft are Microsoft window, Microsoft office, internet explorer, Skype etc. This is the platform by which we can connect any times and we can also communicate with each other. If you want more information regarding Microsoft then contact xbox support.

Some popular products of Microsoft are as follows

Microsoft windows-:

Microsoft Windows is an Operating System which is provided By Microsoft. Today Microsoft window run on every computer.


Skype is a very good product by Microsoft. It allows you to make video or audio calls. It helps in making the business profitable. You have to register to use skype. Skype is free. You can use it anytime, anywhere in the world on your mobile, computer and laptop. You can also transfer the files using Skype.

SQL Server-:

SQL server which is abbreviated to Structured query language and it define a product which used as a database. With the help of SQL, you can make SQL server cloud around the world.

Microsoft office-:

Microsoft office is a very popular product of Microsoft. You can use it for local or business work. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint etc. If you want to create a document then you can use a word or excel software of Microsoft and if you want to make a presentation then you can use PowerPoint of Microsoft. And if you want to Support for Microsoft Office or for more products then you can contact Microsoft Customer Support.

Internet Explorer-:

Internet Explorer is a web browser which is provided by Microsoft. Internet Explorer was the second most widely used web browser in 2016. Internet Explorer is free across the world. For installing Microsoft windows first time on your computer, you will have to enter a valid product key.

These above were the details about Microsoft and Microsoft products. If you still have any query you can ask us. If you want to purchase any Microsoft Products or if you need any kind of support regarding Microsoft Products, contact Microsoft office support.